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onsite facilities

A truly unique celebration

Here at Sandy Gulls we are continuing to invest in our park and make improvements.

Shower Block

Our refurbished and spacious heated shower block, offers a constant supply of hot water.

Wash Room

The wash room has two large sinks, Commercial Washing Machine & Dryer and a spin dryer.

You will find the noticeboard, tourist information, book swap, customer recommendations and a comments board.

Internet / WiFi

WiFi is available throughout Sandy Gulls. Please select the network 'Sandy Gulls WiFi'. Time can be brought through pay-pal on the landing page or vouchers from the office. You will be able to use up to four devices.

We have invested in a new internet line which offers guaranteed 100mb download / upload which makes a better online experience.

Notice Board

You can find the latest information or our electronic notice board situated on the front of our shower block.

Vehicle Charging

Pod Point are the UK's largest independent provider of electric vehicle charging. Since forming in 2009, have manufactured and sold over 69,000 charging points across the UK and Norway. 

To use the charging facilities you will need Pod Point app and register your email with our office.


Our defibrillator is known as public access defibrillators (PADs) as anyone can use them.

If you need a defibrillator in an emergency, the 999 call handler will give you the code and it is situated at the front of our shower block.

Waste / Recycle

Our waste bins are either end of our shower block and have bins for general waste and recycling. 

We have separate wheelie bins for glass.

Disabled Toilet

Our disabled Toilet and Shower is spacious and has all the required facilities. To access these facilities you will need a RADAR key.

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